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RARE Stormspell Titles

Image of RARE Stormspell Titles


Found those in an old box. Very limited quantities, and once gone, they will be gone!

NOTE: PLEASE, order ONE copy per title only. Give chance to fellow fans to score a copy too. Orders with multiple copies will be cancelled without further notice, thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

NOTE II: Please note that Sergeant are the original mixed-up booklets (coverart panels were mistakenly switched, so 1984 booklet has Streetwise lyrics inside, and vice-versa) so it is advisable to buy both cds :).


  • 6x INVECTION - Facet of Abberation CD - $11.99
  • 0x JONAH QUIZZ - Anthology 1980-1982 CD
    Sold Out
  • 2x MARTYRD - Maniac CD - $14.99
  • 3x MIDNIGHT PRIEST - Rainha Da Magia Negra CD
  • 10x MILITIA - Fiend of Misery CD - $14.99
  • 6x MORBID SIN - Demos 1988-1992 CD
  • 8x SERGEANT - Streetwise CD
  • 14x SERGEANT - S/T 1984 CD