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BERGFRIED - Romantik I & II CD

$12.99 USD


• Medieval, emotionally driven, folk influenced female fronted heavy metal
• 8-page booklet with lyrics, info, credits
• Contains the two conceptually-connected EPs from 2022 and 2023
• Features Sarah from Smoulder as the Devil on tracks 5 & 8
• CD pressing, limited to 300 copies worldwide

A brainchild of Erech Leleth von Lothringen (Ancient Mastery, Carathis, among others) with Anna De Savoy on vocals, delivering medieval, emotionally driven, mysterious, folk influenced heavy metal. This CD contains the two EPs Romantik I & II, combining and concluding the conceptual story of eternal love and ultimate sacrifice.

Features Sarah from Smoulder in the role of the Devil, delivering the most emotionally-laden female duet this side of Shakespears Sister's Stay.
Highly recommended.