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MORGANA - Two Faces

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MORGANA - Two Faces

Cult 80s underground female-fronted band from Italy, who released a very sought-after epic heavy metal EP and album during the 80s.

This is their album from 2009 and apparently at some point the band decided it is easier to "borrow" tunes from fellow obscure underground bands instead of writing their own, as two of the tunes on the album are blatantly lifted off 1:1 from VETO's "Carthago" album from 1988 with goofy replacement lyrics... good job dudes and dudette, haha!

The rest of the songs also sound somewhat familiar (the last tune sounds like lifted from SINNER 1986 or 1987 for example), would be interesting if someone can figure where the rest were lifted off. Anyway, this alone makes this album cult enough to own :)

Scream/ Bellaphon Records 2008. German Import