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HEAVEN & HELL Records CDs [Updated July 6th 2024]

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Last updated on July 6, 2024

CLEARANCE SALE! Need to clear space for the upcoming releases, so all items on this section are on SALE. Get 25% OFF using discount code SALE25 at check out.

Sale starts on July 6th at 11am PST and will run through July 13th or while supplies last, whichever comes first.

Fellow US underground label, specializing in cult and arcane 80s US metal releases on quality cd packages with restored and remastered sound, bonuses, thick booklets with band stories, info, archive photos, and custom artwork.

Only few copies per title in stock, some of the older releases already sold out by the label! Available titles are:

ARCANUM - The Book of Onyx CD

ARKAINA - Symposium of a Troubled Mind & Beyond CD

ASSASSIN - License to Kill CD


CHRISTILLOW - Standing in the Rain CD

COURT JESTER - The Joke's on You / Where Witches Dwell CD

D.C. STRUT - D.C. Strut CD

DAGGER - Deep Cuts CD

DEMENTIA - Cursed From the First CD

DEMONAX - Play That Metal Mean CD

DRAXXIS - Book of Life CD

EVICTION - Struggle with Society

GONE SAVAGE - Life in Black and White CD

GUY MANN​-​DUDE'S - Manic Distortion CD

HAVOC - Back For the Kill CD

INVID - Journey of the Blind CD

JACK THE RIPPER - Tortured and Twisted

LACE DRAGON - Up from the Depths CD

LEGGESY - Left Turn at Albuquerque (demo collection) CD

LEGGESY - Just Reality (Demo Collection) CD

LUFTWAFFE - The Cardinal Sin Sweep CD

MADDAX - Deadly Game CD

MADDAX - Speed Demon CD

MERE MORTALS - Immortalized CD

MERE MORTALS - Omnia In Numeris Sita Sunt CD

MIRIAH - Condition Red CD


RAT ALLEY - Down & Out CD

RENEGADE - Social Pressure CD

ROYAL HELL - Second Sight of the Grand Seer CD

SABRE - On the Prowl CD

SEEKER - Thunder Advocate EP CD

SORCERER - Beyond the Crypt CD

STEEL REIGN - Change to Insane CD

SUBLIMINAL SHOCK - Subliminal Shock CD

SWEET N EVIL - Lives of My Day CD

TRACER - Screamer in the Night CD

WHITE WITCH - Hell is Doomed CD

WIZARD - Marlin, Grog, Madman, and The Bomb CD

X-CALIBER - Warriors of the Night CD