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Classix is a series CD re-releases of classic heavy metal albums originally released in the 80s on the cult Mausoleum Records label from Belgium.

Those are from the stock obtained in 2016 from the estate/warehouse closeout of the late Alfie Falckenbach - the founder and owner of Mausoleum Records.

Although those cds are listed as "unofficial" pressing on Discogs, it has to be noted that they have proper matrix numbers and show distinct layout changes such as updated series tracklists, new Mausoleum logo, etc. - deliberate changes that make them visibly different and easily distinguished from the 1994 pressing, which in my opinion puts a doubt on the bootleg speculation.

I believe those were a follow-up re-press done by the label sometime between the original pressing and before the 2004 Anniversary digipack versions. They have been in circulation for awhile, but only drew attention and got scrutinized when the left-over quantities surfaced from the estate closeout.

Please note that this is my own opinion and it could be wrong, so make up your own mind and buy accordingly, thanks.

P. S. I obtained my stock from Battle Cry Records back in 2016 shortly after they bought the estate closeout, but because I was moving at the time and my distro was temporarily closed, the cds were shelved and I'm only now getting to sell them. Very limited quantities. Cheers.

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