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Kontact - Full Contact CD

$12.99 USD

Weird sci-fi tech-power/thrash, going boldly where no band has gone before, breaking genre barriers and musical borders along the way. Definite VOIVOD influences, albeit the vocalist cannot decide if he wants to be King Diamond, Snake, or Gargamel from the Smurfs cartoon, and constantly fluctuates between those 3 (and beyond). There are some influences from COVENANT - Nexus Polaris, which in my book is very good thing. A lot of people hear Manilla Road and Master's Hammer - I personally dont hear the former, and may agree on the latter, for the sheer weird vibe alone. Overall, wild and weird barely begins to describe it, in the good sense of the words. Recommended for open-minded, thinking metal fans!

Dying Victims Productions, 2024