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GRIM DEEDS - Only the Beast Too CD-R

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GRIM DEEDS - Only the Beast Too CD-R

Note: This is a Pro-printed CD-R. Buy accordingly, thanks!

Do you like bands such as Blazon Stone, Cloven Altar, or Rocka Rollas? If yes, you are in luck, keep reading.

This is the continued collaboration between the sick and twisted minds of Mister Grim, also known as the evil mastermind behind the CLOVEN ALTAR, and Cederick Forsberg, known for his bazillion projects and metal deeds in the underground metal scene.

So here you have it, two insanely talented dudes unleashing a pop-punk grenade of an album, speed metal style. Pogo time, bitches!

All Songs By Grim Deeds Except as listed below.
All Instruments Played And Produced By Cederick Forsberg At Studio 2-Takt In Sandviken, Sweden. All Vocals Sang And Recorded By Grim Deeds In His Parked 2007 Honda Accord.

“The Braindead Masses” Written By Kody Templeman
“Underground” Written By David Jones

Artwork By Tommaso Eppesteingher.