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COLTRE - To Watch With Hands… To Touch With Eyes CD

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"Eerie, majestic, progressive, and powerful. Coltre show the charm and innovation in British heavy metal has not died, nor has the old vanguard been abandoned. The sense of mystique coupled with truly killer songs is profoundly enjoyable and varied with more than enough to keep interest up for its 52-minute running time. An unusual and occasionally creepy but pummelling and uplifting record that is an unforgettable and unique experience in its own right. Give Coltre the chance they deserve if obscure Heavy Metal is your thing!" /nattskog.wordpress.com/

I do agree with the reviewer above - brilliant debut album by this English band, that shoud appeal to fans of ANGEL WITCH, PAGAN ALTAR, early IRON MAIDEN, and obscure heavy metal in general.

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