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Vinyl LPs, Misc. titles, SALE!

$14.95 USD On sale
Vinyl LPs, Misc. titles, SALE!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The LP mailers I use are NOT suitable to mix LPs and CDs inside. Therefore, I STRONGLY advise to keep LPs and CDs in SEPARATE ORDERS.

It is your own choice of course, and should you find that saving $3 is more important than dented/bend/damaged LP jackets, I'll ship CDs and LPs all together. At your OWN RISK!-* CDs may be shipped without cases in order to get stuffed along with the LPs inside.

Various LPs I have at the storage, priced to sell!
All on Black wax, unless noted otherwise.

ANCIENT EMPIRE - Eternal Soldier LP - $14.95
CLOVEN ALTAR - Demon of the Night LP - $14.95
MIDNIGHT PRIEST - Rainha Da Magia Negra LP - $14.95
ROCKA ROLLAS - Pagan Ritual LP - $14.95

* - By placing a mixed CD and LP order you understand and acknowledge that the order is being shipped at your own risk and the seller cannot be held responsible for any damage incurred during transit.

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