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VANQUISHER - An Age Undreamed of CD

$12.99 USD

VANQUISHER - An Age Undreamed of CD - Swedish Sword and Sorcery laden epic metal, based on Robert E Howard and following the best traditions of fellow bands such as Eternal Champion, Manilla Road, Manowar, Cirith Ungol, Slough Feg

Releases July 12, 2022

• Debut album
• 12-page booklet with info, lyrics, photos.
• Cover Artwork and logo by Michael Hansen
• Booklet illustrations and layout by JEJ Artworks
• Orchestrations by Johannes Frykholm
• SFXs by Ludvig Cardell
• Mixed and mastered by Niklas Johansson at Harm Studios
• Lead vocals recording, drums production, and initial mixing by Cederick Forsberg
• Limited to 500 copies worldwide