Distro updated: Saturday, July 6th 2024
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VALIDOR - In Blood In Battle CD

$11.99 USD

I'm happy to announce we've licensed a small limited pressing (Jewel case edition) of the underground cult classic album "In Battle In Blood" by VALIDOR

The album was completely re-recorded (except for the original vocals and solos which were kept the same in order to preserve the spirit and raw power of the original recording) for a brand new stunningly powerful production courtesy of Bob Katsionis, with amazing new artwork by Kostas Tsiakos (Warlord, Dexter Ward, Born Of Fire).

Epic Blood metal from the land of the Ancient Gods. Highly recommended for fans of Ironsword, Manilla Road, Battleroar, Airged L'amh, early Manowar, just to name a few.