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TERMINUS - The Reaper's Spiral CD

Image of TERMINUS - The Reaper's Spiral CD

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01. The Reaper’s Spiral
02. The Psychohistorians
03. The Encyclopedists
04. The Mayors
05. The Traders
06. The Merchant Princes
07. Poseidon’s Children
08. Fortress Titan
09. Centaurean

"The Reaper's Spiral" marks the culmination of three years hard labor for Northern Ireland's TERMINUS. Across nine tracks of skull-splitting Heavy Metal mania, Terminus demonstrate their intent to walk a different path from the legion of retro revival bands baying at the door.

Showing the same character in performance and distinctive voice in songwriting previously seen on their "Into Exile" demo (Released February 2013) and split 7" with Portuguese heavyweights RaAVENSIRE (Released August 2013) they continue to explore the Sci-fi lyrical themes first touched upon in these highly praised underground releases whilst showing a marked improvement in the power and delivery on display.

TERMINUS' debut full length features four brand new hymns as well as vastly improved re-recordings of the material featured on their previous releases, manifesting the definitive versions of these songs. They are in love with Heavy Metal's past - but not in thrall to it.

They invite, nay beseech you, to descend "The Reaper's Spiral".

For fans of: Attacker, King Diamond, Twisted Tower Dire, Slough Feg, Warlord, Solstice, and Iron Maiden


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