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STUTZ - Blood, Sweat, and Tears 3xCD Set

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WAREHOUSE FIND: Recent excavation efforts in the old warehouse uncovered 27 copies from the monstrous 3xCD project we did back in 2012. Long time OOP and sold out, now is your last chance to get one without paying high prices on Discogs and eBay.

A monumental work that took many many months, transfering and remastering from 1/4" Reel Master tapes, through 1" and 2" muttirtrack reels, to the grand-fathers of digital master recordings, made on BETAMAX video cassettes (for which I ended up hunting down and buying original B-max player and PCM converter). It was all worth though, even only for the personal satisfaction of unearthing this amazing 80s metal gem - the blood, sweat, and tears of a blue-collar band who worked very hard, and surely should have "made it," if it wasnt for the cruel fate...

Cult Arcane 80's melodic metal from Ohio. Collection of all 3 Releases:

CD 1 - The Blood: "Killer" (feat "Made in USA" LP 1983 + 7" 1980 + Demos)
CD 2 - The Sweat: "Marching into Hell" (feat "Tearin' Up the Night" LP 1987 + bonuses)
CD 3 - The Tears: "Keep Runnin" (Previously unreleased songs from 1988 through 1990)

Each CD comes in a separate jewel case with 12-page booklet crammed with band story, info, lyrics, tons of archive photos, and custom artwork by Yannick Bouchard.


P.S. International buyers, if ordering shipping with cases, this item counts as 3 CDs.