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METAL ON METAL Distribution: SPANISH 80's metal CDs

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METAL ON METAL Distribution: SPANISH 80's metal CDs

This section is for METAL ON METAL Distribution - a Spanish distributor specializing in re-issues of underground Spanish bands from the 80s, primarily on labels such as Gadir, Heroes De Culto, Thundersteel, etc.

Available titles are:

100 SLAIN - “Anthology 1989-1991” CD - classic 80s thrash metal. Gadir Records, limited to 500 copies.

ALMA CULTER - Caos CD - a new band by well-known veterans of the 80's scene, featuring Marilu (ex-BANG, HALLEY 86, NEUROSIS) on vocals, and Arbi (ex-EXODO, ARBIAN, LION HEART) on guitars.

CAID DECEIT - "Babilonia La Grande" Limited to 500 Copies. Demo'87 and rare 1987 live tracks never released before.

SAGRAT - Legado Sagrado CD - an obscure late 80's / early 90's neo-classical band from Valencia, somewhat similar to Shrapnel acts such as Racer X or Cacophony. Compilation of their demos 1989-1993.

TALION - "1984-1988" Limited to 500 Copies. Demo 1984 + Singles 1988 & More Rarities

TUNDRA - La Leyenda del Pais de los Hielos 1986-1988 CD - arcane 80s Spanish power/speed underground band. This is a compilation of their 1986/1987 demos plus bunch of live tracks from 1987/1988