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SILVERBONES - Brethren of the Coast CD

$12.99 USD


• Sophomore album by the Italian pirate horde, worshipping at the altar of Running Wild
• 12-page booklet with lyrics, info, credits.
• Guest appearances by Ced Forsberg and JinSavage
• Cover Artwork by Mario Lopez
• CD pressing, limited to 500 copies worldwide

Sometimes it takes time to craft something really extraordinary. That is the case with the SILVERBONES, the Italian pirate horde that boldly conquered the high seas with their debut album "Wild Waves" in 2016, but then sailed straight beyond the horizont and disappeared without a trace...

It took them 7 bloody years to silently regroup and craft the next chapter, but man, what a triumphant return! I hate to toot our own horn, but this is one of the most amazing Pirate metal albums this side of "Port Royal," and you know I am not saying this lightly, since we already have the ultimate Running Wild worship on our roster in the name of Blazon Stone.

"Brethren of the Coast" is everything a die-hard classic pirate era Running Wild fan crave, and then some! You don't have to take my word for it, just check the two songs above, and hear for yourself. The release date for this album cannot come soon enough! Aye!

For fans of classic pirate era RUNNING WILD, BLAZON STONE, WHIRLWIND, X-WILD, etc.