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RUNELORD - Doomsday Script CD

$12.99 USD

Third, and the last chapter of the RUNELORD trilogy.

Runic heavy metal, taking you on an epic sword & sorcery adventure to the Bicameral World and beyond. Written by Fredrik Holm and delivered to you courtesy of Cederick (Blazon Stone, Rocka Rollas, Mortyr, Lector, etc.) and George (The Outer Limits, Moshpit Justice, Blazon Stone).

For fans of Manowar, Cirth Ungol, Lords of the Crimson Alliance, Exorcist, Virgin Steele, epic metal in general.

• 3rd and final album of the RUNELORD Trilogy
• 12-page booklet with info, lyrics, credits.
• Cover Artwork by Alan Lathwell
• Limited to 500 copies worldwide

Lyrics written by Fredrik Holm, 2016
Music written by Cederick Forsberg, 2018-2019
Vocals by George Peichev

Produced by Fredrik Holm
Music recorded at studio Tvåtakt
Vocals recorded by Stanislav Vasilev at studio Revenge

Backing vocals by Jorre (Palantir), Desiree, Mina Walkure (Kramp), Pancho Ireland (Merciless Law)