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ROCKA ROLLAS - Metal Strikes Back: Definitive Edition CD

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This is the Definitive edition of the 2nd ROCKA ROLLAS' album "Metal Strikes Back" - finally made to sound as Cederick has envisioned it back in the day, but unable to fulfill the vision due to lack of proper equipment and recording experience.

Originally recorded in 2012 and released in 2013. Completely re-arranged and re-recorded (except for lead vocals) during the great covid epidemic 2020. Revamped artwork and completely redesigned booklet. With "Conquer" EP added as bonus.
Limited to 500 CDs.


01. Blazing Wings
02. Heavy Metal Strikes Back
03. Riding The Metal Storm
04. Raging Cyborg
05. Warmachine From Hell
06. Conquer
07. Swords Raised In Victory
08. Night Of The Living Steel
09. Metalive
10. Weaponizer
11. Bloodbath
12. Steelwheeler (instrumental)