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PARADOXX - Plan of Attak - The Complete Worxx CD

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PARADOXX - Plan of Attak - The Complete Worxx CD

Including a 16-page booklet with new liner notes by John Dobbs, lyrics and photos.

Paradoxx's mini-album "Plan Of Attak" is one of the rarest heavy metal releases. It was pressed in 1985 and it is rumored that only a few surviving copies exist, handed out to press and friends of the band. Over the years, this release became the Holy Grail of US metal for collectors all over the world. Paradoxx continued performing live for a few more years, and a few more songs were recorded besides the four tracks of the original EP release. Those tracks are included in this official reissue supervised by the Paradoxx founder and guitarist John Dobbs, who finally offered to the metal world THE COMPLETE WORXX of one of the most wanted reissues in the history of underground metal.


1. Don't Let Go
2. Unleashed
3. Live Free Or Die
4. Black Siren
5. Plan Of Attak
6. Night Ryder
7. Prince Of The City
8. So Far Away

Tracks 1-4 are taken from "Plan Of Attak" EP, originally released in 1985.
Track 5 is taken from "Chicago Metal Works: Battalion 1" compilation.
Track 6 is taken from "Chicago Class of '85" compilation.
Tracks 7-8 are previously unreleased recordings.

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