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NO REMORSE Records [Updated 12/15/19]

Image of NO REMORSE Records [Updated 12/15/19]


Selected releases from NO REMORSE Records (80's metal specialists from Greece). Limited Quantities!

NOTE: Since some people have been asking, all No Remorse stock listed here came directly in trade with the label, so ALL CDs are official guaranteed! Not those Russian or Mexican knock-offs plaguing discogs and ebay.

This especially applies to titles like ADX and HIGH POWER, which have been limited to 500 and long time sold out by the label already. Score now while on SALE, or cry later.

Available releases are:


  • 9x ADX Suprematie +5 CD
  • 10x ADX La Terreur +7 CD
  • 0x ANGEL DUST To Dust You will Decay +5 CD
    Sold Out
  • 2x ANYWAY Rival
  • 20x ASCALON Reflections CD - $9.99
  • 0x AXE CRAZY Ride On The Night CD
    Sold Out
  • 12x AXIS No Man's Land CD
  • 3x AXTON PRYTE The Lab CD
  • 6x CROSSWIND Vicious Dominion CD
  • 6x CRYWOLF Anthology CD
  • 1x DEMON EYES Out of Control CD
  • 2x DEXTER WARD Rendezvous With Destiny CD
  • 12x EDDY MALM BAND Northern Lights CD
  • 23x ETERNAL CHAMPION The Armor of Ire CD
  • 2x GRAVEN IMAGE People in Hell Still Want Ice Water CD
  • 2x H and H - Anthology CD
  • 5x HAMMERON Nothing to Do Again... CD
  • 7x HAMMERON Wired For Sound CD
  • 0x HEAVY LOAD Death Or Glory CD
    Sold Out
  • 0x HEIR APPARENT The View From Below CD
    Sold Out
  • 6x HIGH POWER Les Violons De Satan +6 CD
  • 4x HITCHHIKE Tequila! CD
  • 0x HOLOCAUST Heavy Metal Mania - The Singles CD
    Sold Out
  • 10x LORD VIGO Under Carpathian Sun CD
  • 0x LORD VIGO Blackborne Souls CD
    Sold Out
  • 3x MARIENTHAL Prohibition CD
  • 0x MESSIAH FORCE The Last Day 2CD - $12.99
    Sold Out
  • 7x PAINFUL PRIDE (SWE) Lost Memories CD
  • 5x PALADINE Finding Solace CD
  • 4x PONCE PILATE Les Enfants Du Cimetiere CD
  • 5x RESISTANCE Metal Machine CD
  • 5x TILT Ride the Tiger CD
  • 0x TITAN Titan CD
    Sold Out
  • 0x VIPER Soldiers Of Sunrise CD
    Sold Out
  • 1x VIPER Theatre Of Fate CD
  • 0x WARRIOR Let Battle Commence CD
    Sold Out
  • 0x WYZARD Future Knights CD/DVD - $12.99
    Sold Out