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MAX PLANCK - Kill the Pain CD

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MAX PLANCK - Kill the Pain CD

NOTE: Back in the day when this title was released the printing house mixed up the order and delivered less booklets than ordered. As a result I ended up with two spindles of cds without inserts stuck on a shelf at the warehouse. Well, 8 years later I finally got around making extra inserts, so what we have here is the remaining stock of the original 1st pressing CDs - long time out of print and hard to find!
Limited quantities, so buy now or cry later :)

Arcane true underground demo monster from 1985. Truly one of a kind gem, combining heavy doses of raw NWOBHM, garnished with wild and explosive proto-metal, and topped with heavy doses pure epic grandeur. For fans of Manilla Road, Cirith Ungol, Medieval, early Scorpions, etc.

For first time on CD, as part of our "RED, WHITE, and HEAVY" arcane collector series.