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KILL AGAIN Records [updated 02/28/23]

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KILL AGAIN Records [updated 02/28/23]

Inventory updated and restocks added on 02/28/2023

A reputable underground label, specializing in officially licensed cult 80's re-releases, as well as selected current NWOTHM bands.

Their re-releases often come with bonuses. All are jewel case releases, some with extra slipcases over the jewel cases, as indicated below.

Available releases are:

AIR RAID Across The Line CD
AIR RAID Point of Impact +1 CD
ANGUS Track Of Doom +4 CD
ANGUS Warrior Of The World +5 CD
BATTALION Bleeding till Death CD
BREAKOUT Burning Lights CD
DAMNATION CITY Dead and Buried EP CD - $8.99
GRAVESTONE - Victim of Chains +3 CD
GRAVESTONE - Back to Attack +2 CD
GRAVESTONE - Creating a Monster +4 CD
LÄÄZ ROCKIT City's Gonna Burn +2 CD
LÄÄZ ROCKIT No Stranger to Danger +2 CD
LÄÄZ ROCKIT Know Your Enemy + Live '86 CD+DVD - $15.99
LÄÄZ ROCKIT Nothing$ $acred +3 CD
ONSLAUGHT The Shadow of Death (Demos: '83 + '84 + Shadow of Death) CD
ONSLAUGHT Power from Hell +2 CD [with Slipcase]
ONSLAUGHT The Force CD [with Slipcase]
ONSLAUGHT In Search of Sanity +8 DCD - $14.99
TYTAN Rough Justice +4 CD+DVD - $15.99
WARRANT (GER) - Ready to Command CD