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WAREHOUSE FIND: I've unearthed a box with Jewels of Gwhalur demo series releases we did back in 2013, dedicated to current bands playing in the vein of the olde. Long time Sold Out and Out of Print. Just few copies per title left as follows:

• Volume #1: GLADIUS, a speed/thrash retro madness from Oregon, for fans of Nasty Savage, Have Mercy, Blessed Death, etc. (9 copies left in stock)

• Volume #2: GRAVEN RITE, arcane epic metal revivalists from Texas, akin to 80s masters such as Tramontane, Manilla Road, Longings Past, Cirith Ungol, etc. (SOLD OUT, sorry!)

• Volume #3: TERMINUS, traditional Heavy Metal with NWOBHM flair. For fans of Isen Torr, Lord Weird Slough Feg, Thin Lizzy, etc. (SOLD OUT, sorry!)

• Volume #4: VIGILANCE, Crunchy, occult, NWOBHM flavored traditional metal for fans of early Iron Maiden, Cloven Hoof, Angel Witch, etc. (14 copies left in stock)

• Volume #5: WILDHUNT, 80s teutonic power/speed metal for fans of RISK, DRIFTER, PARADOX, etc. (14 copies left in stock)