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German label specializing in classic power/speed/thrash metal releases.

ANGEL MARTYR - Nothing Louder Than Silence CD

Don't let the artwork mislead you as it did to me, making me think of doom/death/extreme metal. There's nothing of this here - this is a top-notch classic power metal with clean soaring vocals in the vein of early JAG PANZER, OMEN, ATTACKER, and so on.


Iron Shield Records 2 · 071 Axe Steeler (Col) - On The Run


BITCHHAMMER - Offenders of the Faith CD

Blackened thrash metal from Germany


New Wave of Old School Thrash metal from Boston, Massachusetts in the best 80s Teutonic traditions. For fans of DESTRUCTION, KREATOR, NECRONOMICON, VECTOM, EXUMER, DARKNESS, etc.

CRIMSON DAY - Order of the Shadows CD

NWOTHM from Finland

EXPLORER - Still Alive… And Now? CD

Speed metal frenzy from Italy.

EXXPERIOR - Escalating Conflics CD

Progressive techno-thrash from Germany. Thinking metal for the open-minded. If you like bands such as MEKONG DELTA, SIEGES EVEN, SORE PLEXUS, CALHOUN CONQUER, ASPID, DEPRESSIVE AGE, END AMEN, WATCHTOWER, you should check this out.

FATAL EMBRACE - Slaughter to Survive CD

Classic Old School thrash metal from Germany. If EXODUS and ACCUSER had a child, that would be it.


Yet another New Wave of Old School Thrash Metal from Germany. Must be something in te water over there. For fans of RUMBLE MILITIA, VELlOCET, DARKNESS, etc.

GRIM JUSTICE - Justice in the Night CD

Pretty decent female-fronted NWOTHM from Austria

HIRAX - Faster Than Death CD

iron shield records 3 · 117 Hirax (US) - Relentless

9 Song Rehearsal Demo CD, mastered by producer Bill Metoyer, limited to 500. Comes with sticker.

LESSON IN VIOLENCE - The Thrashfall Of Mankind CD

Named after the cult song by EXODUS, so you know what to expect.

MADHOUSE - Braindead CD

Veteran German heavy/power metal combo, founded way back in 1986 under the name Erection before changing to Madhouse in 1987. This is their latest album, still going strong!


Retro epic true metal nostlagia from Glasgow, Scotland, paying homage to the glorious 80s and everything NWOBHM

MIDNIGHT FORCE - Restless Blade CD

Retro epic true metal nostlagia from Glasgow, Scotland, paying homage to the glorious 80s and everything NWOBHM. For fans of DIAMOND HEAD, SAXON, TALES OF MEDUSA.

MOSH-PIT JUSTICE - The Fifth of Doom CD

Fifth offering by the veteran thrash band, paying homage to 80s Bay Area scene. For fans of FORBIDDEN, TESTAMEN, EXODUS, DEFIANCE, etc.


Classic power/thrash metal from Finland, established back in 1986 and still going strong. Reminds me somewhat of MORGANA LEFAY, and more thrashier acts such as ROSICRUCIAN or MORTAL SIN, etc.

POWERGAME - Masquerade CD

NWOTHM from Germany

POWERGAME - Slaying Gods CD

The latest album by the power metal combo from Bielefeld, Germany. Epic as f*ck! Every epic power metal fan, worshipping at the altar of VIRGIN STEELE, VARLORD, VALIDOR, ETERNAL CHAMPION needs this.

RAVEN - Party Killers CD

NWOBHM legends. Initially only available on pro-printed CDR as free bonus for Kickstarter backers on the Extermination album funding campaign. Now for first time on silverpressed cds, limited to 600 copies only.

REACTORY - Collapse To Come CD

Oldschool Teutonic thrash from Berlin for fans of early KREATOR (Pleasure to Kill circa).

SATANICA - Resurrection of Devil's Spirit CD

Japanese combo, rising on the ashes of the cult 80's band WITCH's KISS and delivering occult power/speed metal with distinct NWOBHM influences.

SEAX - Speed Inferno CD

Speed metal madness from Massachusetts for fans of 80's era AGENT STEEL, BLESSED DEATH, HAVE MERCY, TYRANT'S REIGN, early DESTRUCTION.

SPACE PARASITES - The Spellbound Witch CD

Female fronted NWOTHM from Germany, paying homage to the 80s masters of dark romantic. Absolutely magnificent energetic, crunchy, hook-laden heavy/power metal in the best Teutonic traditions from the 80s, topped with the most amazing raspy vocals - exactly as I've ever imagined a proper witch voice would sound! Well done boys and girls, come and join Stormspell for your next release, please!

HIGHLY recommended, for fans of HEADHUNTER (Parody of Life circa), ACCEPT/early U.D.O., WITCHBOUND

STARBORN - Savage Peace CD

Epic power/speed metal from United Kingdom, reminischent of NEW EDEN, CRESCENT SHIELD, DESTNY'S END, HELSTAR, etc.

WHITE MANTIS - Sacrifice Your Future CD

Technical and quirky furious prog-thrash grom Germany. Think of VOIVOD (Killing Technology circa) on steroids! Criminally underrated stuff!

WITCH’S KISS - The Witching Hour CD

iron shield records 3 · 095 Witch's Kiss (Jap) - Wander Like Evil

Arcane 80's metal from Japan. This is an anthology release featuring their two and only demos from 1985 and 1986. A must for 80s demo metal collectors.

XENOFANES - Pissing in the Holy Grail CD

Raw thrash metal from Sweden for fans of DEATHWITCH, SWORDMASTER, MIDVINTER, BEWITCHED, DISSECTION, etc.