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IMPACT - Take the Pain +5 CD

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IMPACT - Take the Pain +5 CD

Note: Had this box with several dozen insert leftovers (booklets and traycards) in my old storage since 2013, and finally got around of reordering cds to make full sets. So here's your chance to grab a copy without cositng you an arm and leg on Discogs.

I only have handful of copies, so please limit two per customer - let your fellow fans have a chance to score one too. I'll also post several on Discogs to discourage scalpers of milking it out for crazy bucks. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Cult 80s ferocious thrash metal from Milwaukee, Wisconsin which during their short tenure managed to record two demos, released together as an album under the name of "Take the Pain" in 1991 on the Mexican label Avanzada Metallica.

01. In the Flesh
02. Take the Pain
03. Kill on Kommand
04. When the Evil Takes Its Course
05. Its the End of the World
06. To Your Death
07. Legacy of Violence
08. Knowledge is King
09. P.O.W.
10. Plague of Death
11. Erosion of Will

BONUS TRACKS: Live at T.A.Verns July 11th, 1988
12. Live or Die
13. Demonica
14. Murder Rape Violence
15. When the Evil Takes its Course
16. Skill of the Kill

This is a re-release of "Take the Pain" with 5 bonus tracks:
Tracks 1-5 recorded and mixed at Wave Digital Studios, Gurnee, Illinois, 1989.
Tracks 6-11 recorded and mixed at Mauer Brothers Studios, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1991.
Tracks 12-16 recorded live at T.A. Verns, Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 11th, 1988.