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GRIMGOTTS - Tales, Sagas, & Legends CD

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The third full length Grimgotts album, and in our opinion, the most ambitious to date. What started as Harry Potter parody band, has now blossomed into impressive fantasy power metal force to be recon with. Darkness creeps over the island of Boobia. Join the brave captain Gannon in his quest to the edge of the world and beyond in order to defeat the Goblin Overlord. The fate of Andria is at stake... For fans of Alestorm, Power Quest, and so forth.

1. Fight Till the End
2. For the Power
3. The Dawnbringer
4. Reign of Might
5. Northern Passage
6. Rise Again
7. Plunder, Loot & Chantey
8. Sagas
9. The Boys of Boone
10. Land of Tomorrow
11. The Edge of the World (to what lies beyond)
12. Kinsman
13. Fight Against the World
14. Grimgotts Calling
15. Lost Chapters

Format: CD in jewel case, 8-page booklet, limited to 500 copies.
Release date: September 15th, 2021