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FORGOTTEN LEGACY - The Oracle CD - Re-release of one of the Pennsylvania's best kept secrets. Finest US Power metal with sharp razor riffing and soaring vocals, the trademarks that made classic 80's USPM a force to recon with!

This is a re-release of their one and only debut EP, originally self-released in 2009 to 100 pro-printed units only, and now expanded with liner notes, archive band photos, and 5 bonus pre-production tracks of what would have been their debut album, should the band have carried forward...

Recommended for fans of Helstar, Jag Panzer, Agent Steel, early Queensryche, Iced Earth, Crescent Shield, New Eden just to name a few.


The Oracle:
01. 2012
02. Rage
03. Cimmerian
04. The Darkness
05. Forgotten Legacy
Pre-production Bonus Tracks:
06. Night Terror
07. This Is Metal
08. Death is 24/7
09. Banished From Heaven
10. 2012 (2013 Re-make)