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DOFKA - Toxic Wasteland + Demos & Rarities 2CD

$13.99 USD

• Double 2CD re-issue of the cult debut 1990 album with 5 bonus tracks on CD1
• Bonus disc CD2 inlcuding “Bow To Thee” demo 1992 and selected rarities and live cuts from the same time period
• multi-page booklet with the original and reimagined cover arts, band story, archive photos, info, credits
• Restored and remastered audio by Jim Dofka
• 2CD pressing limited to 1000 copies worldwide

Neo-classical power/speed eargasmic shredding feast for fans of RACER X, APOCRYPHA, CACOPHONY, M.A.R.S., CHASTAIN, SAVAGE GRACE, GARGOYLE, STEELER (US)