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D-TRAIN - Aggression S.F. CD

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D-TRAIN - Aggression S.F. CD
  • D-TRAIN - Aggression S.F. CD

90's Bay Area thrash metal combo from San Francisco, featuring Joe Liszt from Ancient Empire, ShadowKiller, Hellhound.

This is a genuine vintage stash of the original CD pressing the band made back in the 90s and were recently unearthed from a dusty corner in Joe's attic. Limited quantities - get a copy now for cheap while the stock lasts, or pay insane prices on Discogs later.

6 tracks, including an extra hidden bonus track "I'm Your Maker" from 1994, for a total playing time of 45:51 minutes

Recommended for fans of HELLHOUND, early MACHINE HEAD, SEPULTURA, 90's era FORBIDDEN, EXHORDER, PANIC, etc.