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CRUZ DEL SUR Records [Updated 12/15/19]

Image of CRUZ DEL SUR Records [Updated 12/15/19]


Italian Underground masters, specializing in current bands playing in the vein of the olde.

Available releases are:


  • 0x ARGUS - Beyond the Martyrs CD
    Sold Out
  • 1x ARGUS - From Fields of fire CD
  • 1x BIBLE OF THE DEVIL - Freedom Metal CD
  • 0x CHEVALIER - Destiny Calls CD
    Sold Out
  • 0x HAMMER KING - Kingdom Of the. Hammer King CD
    Sold Out
  • 0x IRON GRIFFIN - Curse of the Sky CD
    Sold Out
  • 5x KING HEAVY - S/T CD
  • 0x LORD WEIRD SLOUGH FEG, THE - New Organon CD
    Sold Out
  • 0x LUNAR SHADOW - Far From Light CD
    Sold Out
  • 0x LUNAR SHADOW - The Smokeless Fires CD
    Sold Out
  • 4x MAGISTER TEMPLI - Lucifer Leviathan Logos CD
  • 11x MAGISTER TEMPLI - Into Duat CD
  • 1x MAUSOLEUM GATE - S/T EP CD - $7.99
  • 6x MAUSOLEUM GATE - Into a Dark Divinity CD
  • 0x NEPTUNE POWER FEDERATION Memoirs of a Rat Queen CD
    Sold Out
  • 0x ORODRUIN Ruins of Eternity CD
    Sold Out
  • 30x RAVENSIRE - The Cycle Never Ends CD - $9.99
  • 0x RAVENSIRE - A Stone Engraved in Red CD
    Sold Out
  • 5x SACRAL RAGE - Illusions in Infinite Void CD
  • 0x SKELATOR - Cyber Metal CD
    Sold Out
  • 1x SMOULDER - Times of Obscene... CD
  • 4x STEEL PROPHET - Omniscent CD
  • 0x TERMINUS A Single Point of Light CD
    Sold Out
  • 0x TRAVELER - Traveler CD
    Sold Out
  • 1x VESTAL CLARET - The Cult of Vestal Claret CD
  • 1x VORTEX Them Witches CD
  • 0x VULTURES VENGEANCE - The Knightlore CD
    Sold Out
  • 5x WHILE HEAVEN WEPT - Vast Oceans... CD