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CLAYMOREAN - By This Sword We Rule GOLD CD

$12.99 USD

By This Sword We Rule: A Decade of Steel CD

• Special Anniversary release
• 15 tracks, over 76 minutes playing time of new recordings and selected demos (all released for first time on CD)
• 12-page booklet with band story, liner notes, photos, credits.
• Cover Artwork by Yannick Bouchard
• GOLD CD pressing, limited to 500 copies worldwide

Track list:
1. Arioch, Knight of the Swords (2023 recording)
2. Hymn of Vengeance (2023 recording)
3. The Triumph (2023 recording)
4. Cimmeria (2023 recording feat. Alexandra Lioness of Jenner)
5. Blood of the Dragon (feat. Ced Forsberg of Blazon Stone)
6. Dreamer on a Path of Light (demo 2014)
7. Night Eternal (demo 2014)
8. Prince of Immortals (demo 2014)
9. Old Mountain (demo 2016)
10. The Final Journey (demo 2016)
11. Blood-Red Shield (demo 2016)
12. Blackest Void (demo 2016)
13. Battle in the Sky (demo 2020)
14. Spirit of Merciless Time (live 2021)
15. We Fight Like Lions (live 2021)

A must for MANILLA ROAD, VIRGIN STEELE, MANOWAR, CIRITH UNGOL, WARLORD, and classic Epic Metal fans in general.

After the release of critically acclaimed album "Eulogy for the Gods", Serbian heavy metal force CLAYMOREAN, fronted by the vocalist extraordinaire Dejana Garčević, is ready to unleash the newest piece of music called "By This Sword We Rule: A Decade of Steel".

This monumental GOLD CD edition will span across the first decade of the band's work, carrying 15 songs in total and clocking at 76 minutes of pure epic power metal eargasm.

The CD will be released worldwide through "Stormspell Records" and it will contain the brand new EP named "The Vendetta Trilogy" (featuring 3 newly recorded classic tracks), a new recording of "Cimmeria" featuring Alexandra Lioness from the mighty JENNER, 1st original version of "Blood of the Dragon" featuring Cederick Forsberg (Blazon Stone) on all instruments, a selection of 8 rare demo songs, and 2 live tracks recorded during the band's first ever live show in the city of Kragujevac. None of the songs have been previously released on any physical media.

The album artwork is beautifully done by the amazing artist Yannick Bouchard (King Diamond, Blazon Stone, Ancient Empire, Merciless Law), while the superb sound mixing and mastering was once again nailed by the Claymorean's producer Boris Šurlan (Midnight Studio).

The founding member and band's guitarist Vlad explains the story behind this release: "We came a long way, not just this past decade as Claymorean, but as people. We are older (not necessarily wiser) and we have so little precious time left on this Earth to do something good and meaningful, even if it’s significant only to ourselves. That’s why this release is so special. It revives the days of old told in a new way - old songs done all over again exactly how we play them in front of the audiences nowadays, as well as some rare demos and unreleased tracks. It’s the sound of our past, but also the sound of our present, and a present to you all. This release represents who we are today - a seemingly unstoppable heavy metal quintet from Lazarevac. We hope to be that for many years to come."

Catch CLAYMOREAN performing live on stage at this year's "Up The Hammers" festival in Athens (May 18th - warm up show).