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$5 CHEAP Distro CDs CLEARANCE SALE #2 (Updated 09/21/20)

$5.00 USD On sale
$5 CHEAP Distro CDs CLEARANCE SALE #2 (Updated 09/21/20)

FLASH SALE will start on March 3rd, 2020: for a limited time EVERYTHING in this section will be FIVE BUCKS or less - take it now, or cry later :)

Bunch of various distro items I've generated during the years via trades with fellow labels from all over the world. Some clunkers, but also some hidden gems already Out Of Print and getting Hard To Find.

Bunch of Punishment 18 Records releases in this section among others. I need to clean space in my storage, so my loss is your gain!

HINT: Check PREMATORY if you like fast-paced technical thrash with a punch:

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