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MAYHEM INC - S/T CD [Slipcase]

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MAYHEM INC - S/T CD [Slipcase]
  • MAYHEM INC - S/T CD [Slipcase]

Simply put, MAYHEM INC is one of the top Chicago metal bands of all time. They only managed to record two demo tapes both of which ended up in collectors' hands. The master tapes were forever lost and these are the best versions of the songs that exist today. In the same league with SLAUTER XSTROYES and GENOCIDE, a monster with some of the fiercest riffs you'll get to hear.

Cult Metal Classics, limited to 500 copies. Release date: July 28th, 2021.

1. Predator
2. Matter In The Universe
3. Insanity Controls
4. Mayhem
5. Terror Till The Dawn
6. Armored Attack
7. Past Life
8. Terror Till The Dawn (Alternate Version)
Bonus (Live At Woody's, December 21st, 1985)
9. Left For The Dead
10. Mayhem
11. Insanity Controls
12. Predator
13. Armored Attack
14. Past Life
15. Terror Till The Dawn
16. Matter In The Universe
17. Hellfire