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WITCH - Still Alive? 2CD

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Cult 80s Swedish band, which recorded bunch of demos in the early 80-es and faded into obscurity. This an Ultimate Double 2CD Anthology with all their demos and extras. Jewel case release with a deluxe slipcase:

CD 1:
Tracks 1-5 are taken from "Still Alive" demo 1984
Tracks 6-12 are taken from "Soldier of the Future" demo 1984

Tracks 1-2 are taken from "Helgdagsrok at Far" compilation 1983
Tracks 3-6 are taken from Demo#2 1983
Tracks 7-10 are taken from Demo#3 1983

Cult Metal Classics, 2021, limited to 500 copies worldwide. The label is almost sold out. Last copies! This possibly could be the last restock on this title!