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Vinyl LPs CLEARANCE SALE [Updated 05/14/23]

$5.00 USD - $8.00 USD On sale
Vinyl LPs CLEARANCE SALE [Updated 05/14/23]

All LPs on Black wax, unless noted.

(ss) = still sealed
(co) = saw cut / cut out
(coc) = cut out corner
(warped) = warped

All those are brand new unplayed LPs, however, SATAN'S FALL stock are warped due to prolonged improper storage. Warping ranges from very mild to moderate. Most probably would play fine and/or can be fixed, but regardless, I'm selling them AS-IS! No replacements or refunds for those items. At $5, if there is playing issues, simply consider them as craft projects, or as display items, etc.

Available titles are:

E-X-E - Stricken By Might LP - Shatter Records 1987, (ss, coc)
SATAN'S FALL - Metal of Satan LP $5 (warped)
SPAWN OF SATAN, THE / BLOODSICK LP - Metal enterprise Records

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