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TRIAL - Scream For Mercy CD

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TRIAL - Scream For Mercy CD

Cult arcane 80s steel from Belgium. Sounds like early WASP on speed. Reissue with 6 bonus songs, remastered sound, lyrics, band story, super cool 80's photos and of course the original tunes of the legendary "Scream for mercy" EP getting the sound treatment they always deserved!

Cult Metal Classics, 2020.

1. Victims Of This Earth
2. Lord Of Darkness
3. Master Of The Valley
4. Lost In Love
5. Scream For Mercy
6. Don't Say Goodbye
7. Heavy Rock In Town
8. Intro / Sign Of Evil
9. Lord Of Darkness
10. Real Illusion
11. Don't Say Goodbye
12. Lost In Love
13. The End Of The World