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Image of SPIRITUAL BEAST Records


High-quality Japanese label specializing in limited releases with bonus tracks and OBI strips.


  • 5x DERDIAN - Human Reset CD
  • 4x EVERTALE - Of Dragons and Elves CD
  • 5x FAITH CIRCUS - Turn Up the Band CD
  • 5x GAUNTLET - Birthplace of Emperor CD
  • 5x HAMMERCULT - Steelcrusher CD
  • 20x NERVOSA - Victim of Yourself CD
  • 17x SKULL FIST - Chasing the Dream CD
  • 19x SUICIDAL ANGELS - Divide and Conquer CD
  • 30x STORMWARRIOR - Thunder and Steele CD
  • 4x TRAUMER - The Great Metal Storm CD
  • 5x WARDRUM - Messenger CD