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RAVEN - Party Killers CD

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RAVEN - Party Killers CD

A cool collection of hard rockin' cover tunes by the NWOBHM legends.Originally released in 2015 as a very limited bonus incentive for those who donated to the Kickstarter fund raising campaign for the Extermination album, making it an instant rarity and sought-after item.

Now properly re-released (original was pro-printed CD-R).

1. Fireball (Deep Purple cover) 04:11
2. Bad Reputation (Thin Lizzy cover) 03:06
3. He's a Whore (Cheap Trick cover) 02:39
4. In for the Kill (Budgie cover) 03:22
5. Is There a Better Way (Status Quo cover) 03:13
6. Ogre Battle (Queen cover) 04:20
7. Queen of My Dreams (Edgar Winter Group cover) 02:21
8. Too Bad So Sad (Nazareth cover) 05:11
9. Cockroach (Sweet cover) 02:17
10. Tak Me Bak Ome (Slade cover) 03:11
11. Hang On to Yourself (David Bowie cover) 02:54

Iron Shield Records, 2021. German Import