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MYSTERY BAND CD (FREE with every order of $50 or more)

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MYSTERY BAND CD (FREE with every order of $50 or more)

UPDATE: As of today, November 30th 2018, I still have approx 65 CDs left

NOTE: You do not have to order this item. Just make sure your order is for $50 (Shipping cost EXCLUDED!) and I'll add a copy to your package.

Those CDs are NOT FOR SALE. We are giving FREE copy with every order of $50 (Shipping cost not included) UNTIL SUPPLIES LAST!

CDs will be personalized with your name to make them fully collectible and to discourage eBay re-selling.

The full story regarding those master recordings is listed below.

During early summer of 2015 I came into possession of a 1/2-inch master reel tape which was labeled "STEEL ASSASSIN Master", with "J.T. Productions, July 1986" written on the side-tab. There was also an address stamp on the back by "Haymarket Productions" from San Francisco.

I bought the reel from a local Bay Area flea market re-seller who could not give me any info, other that it was obtained in local storage liquidation auction. So in most probabilities the band must have been local to San Francisco area.

Upon transferring the tape it turned out to be an 8-track recording with 7 songs on it - classic heavy metal in Judas Priest / Armored Saint / Cinderella vein:

01. Intro (2:20) - fast-paced instrumental, reminds of early Omen somewhat.
02. Queen of Sin (4:03) - Armored Saint-ish heavy metal.
03. Soul Shaker (3:20) - Slow and heavy crusher, repetitive, yet with a dreamy captivating quality.
04. On the Highway (04:09) - Judas Priest-ish cut (Killing Machine / British Steel circa)
05. Heart of Stone (02:59) - Slow power tune with weird falsetto vokills
06. Coming Home (04:16) - Power ballad reminiscent of early Great White
07. Living on the Edge (03:10) - Fast-paced cruncher

All our efforts to locate the band has been futile, so we have decided to let the music spread around in hope it would eventually reach the people who created it. To that extend we are going to make a limited cd pressing which would be given for FREE with outgoing orders from our store. Cheers and thank you for the support!