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Cult veteran US underground label, home of the US Heavy Metal Titans and Power Metal legends SATAN’S HOST - a mandatory band for every self-respecting classic US power metal fan!


  • 14x SATAN'S HOST Metal from Hell CD
  • 13x SATAN'S HOST Midnight Wind CD
  • 9x SATAN'S HOST Virgin Sails CD
  • 7x SATAN'S HOST Pre-dating God Part 1 CD
  • 7x SATAN'S HOST Pre-dating God Part 2 CD
  • 9x SATAN'S HOST CELEBRATION: For The Love Of Satan CD
  • 8x SATAN'S HOST By The Hands Of The Devil CD
  • 4x SATAN'S HOST Power ~ Purity ~ Perfection ...999 CD
  • 4x SATAN'S HOST The Great American Scapegoat CD
  • 4x SATAN'S HOST Satanic Grimoire: A Greater Black Magick CD
  • 3x SATAN'S HOST Burning The Born-Again CD
  • 3x AZAGHAL Of Beasts and Vultures CD
  • 3x WAXEN Blasphemer in Celestial Courts CD
  • 5x WHERE EVIL FOLLOWS Portable Darkness CD
  • 5x WYRD Vargtimmen Pt. 1 CD
  • 3x WYRD Death Of The Sun CD