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MISC Cheap distro Items

Image of MISC Cheap distro Items


Bunch of old distro overstock. Need to clear the storage space, so all priced to go!


  • 3x CARNAL AGONY - Preludes and Nocturnes CD
  • 1x CHILDREN OF DOOM - Doom, Be Doomed, or Fuck Off CD
  • 8x CONVENT GUILT - Guns For Hire CD
  • 4x CORSAIR - One eyed Horse CD
  • 4x DAGOTH - New Empire (Digi)
  • 3x GAMMA RAY - To the Metal CD+DVD Digi (co)
  • 1x HELLOWEEN - Master of the Rings CD
  • 1x HOODED PRIEST - Devil Worship Reckoning (Digi)
  • 5x MANILLA ROAD - Out of the Abyss CD
  • 1x REACTORY - High on Radiation CD
  • 1x RHAPSODY - Symphony of Enchanted Lands CD
  • 8x RIOT - Live in Japan CD
  • 3x SABBAT - Live Resurrection (Digi)
  • 4x STORMHUNTER - Crime and Punishment CD
  • 23x STYGIAN SHORE - The Shore Will Arise CD
  • 1x TOXIC HOLOCAUST - An Overdose of Death CD
  • 1x VRANI VOLOSA - Where the Heart Burns (Digi)
  • 4x VRANI VOLOSA - Heresy (Digi)
  • 5x WOLFSGANG - Apocalypse CD