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CLAYMOREAN - Eulogy for the Gods CD

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CLAYMOREAN - Eulogy for the Gods CD

Last 10 copies I have set aside for a dealer that never came through. His loss is your last chance to grab a copy.

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New album by the premier female fronted epic power metal combo. Dark and epic, this album is paying homage to late Mark “The Shark” Shelton from Manilla Road, Virgin Steele, and true epic metal in general.

1. Hunter of the Damned
2. Battle in the Sky
3. The Burning of Rome (Cry for Pompeii)*
4. Lords of Light
5. In the Tombs of Atuan
6. Mystical Realm (Deorum in Absentia)
7. Spirit of Merciless Time
8. Blood of the Dragon**

All songs written and performed by Claymorean, except * song #3 which is written by David DeFeis and Edward Pursino of Virgin Steele, taken from "Age of Consent" LP (published in 1988 on Maze Music SPV) and ** song #8 which is written by Cederick Forsberg of Blazon Stone.

Track #4 is dedicated to Mark Shelton (Rest in Valhalla)
Track #5 is dedicated to Ursula K. Le Guin

Claymorean are:
Dejana Garcevic - lead and backing vocals
Vladimir Garcevic - guitars and backing vocals
Uroš Kovacevic - guitars
Goran Garcevic - bass guitars
Marko Novakovic - drums

Guest musicians:
Vladimir Novakovic - solo guitars on tracks #5 and #6 & divebomb on track #1
Cederick Forsberg - songwriting and solo guitar on track #8

Format: CD in jewel case, 12-page booklet with UV-coated glossy cover, limited to 500 copies.
Release date: September 15th, 2021