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AYAS - Heaven and Earth 2CD (Digipack)

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AYAS - Heaven and Earth 2CD (Digipack)

Arcane offering from 1988 from Soviet Union (namely Aremenia). Occult and bizarre speed metal, think of early Bathory with King Diamond and Dani Filth's bastard child on vocals, and occult keyboards a-la Italian 70s psych-doom scene. It's wild, bizarre, and utterly mesmerizing.

A double 2CD digipack with monstrous 36-page booklet with extensive band story, contains "Yerkink u Yerkir" album from 1988 and tons of demo / live bonuses.

Sung in Russian, Armenian, and English, not that you can tell much of the difference in between all the evil shrieks and banshee screams. Wild stuff :) Big kudos to I Hate Records for unearthing and releasing this oddity in such lavish packaging.

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