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ANCIENT EMPIRE - Eternal Soldier LP

$19.95 USD
ANCIENT EMPIRE - Eternal Soldier LP
  • ANCIENT EMPIRE - Eternal Soldier LP

$3 flat-rate shipping within USA

International buyers, due to insane shipping costs I'd encourage you to buy from your local dealers. But should you must buy from me, please e-mail me with your order, as due to the rudimentary and limited shopping cart system I have turned off the international orders for vinyl here at the store.

Just so you know, the international shipping prices would be as listed below:

Canadian buyers: 1-2 LPs = $18
Rest of World: 1-2 LPs is $24

Beyond two LPs postal prices jump mega-big, so its cheaper to send two separate packages with 2 LPs in each, instead one with 4 inside. It is beyond crazy, I know, viva la Postal Office, NOT!