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SAGE MERIDIEN - Whispered Tales CD

Image of SAGE MERIDIEN - Whispered Tales CD


Folks, this is one of the most arcane and criminally neglected demo albums from the 80s! A perfect marriage of classic US Power Metal and early Progressive when both genres were real and pure!

Absolutely essential for fans of FATES WARNING (Arch era), CRIMSON GLORY, early QUEENSRYCHE, ZION'S ABYSS, SOLAR EAGLE, HELSTAR just to name a few.


I. Tales of the Sage (8:14)
II. Dark Imperium (8:28)
III. Octavian (4:59)
IV. The Power that Preserves (8:58)
V. In the Moonlight, In the Garden (8:52)
Total playing time: (39:30)


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