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Image of NO REMORSE Records


Selected releases from NO REMORSE Records (80's metal specialists from Greece). Limited Quantities!

Old stock I've obtained back in the day when I used to run the distro. Some of the titles are already sold out by the label, OOP and HTF!

Available releases are:


  • 0x ANGEL DUST - Into The Dark Past +6 CD
    Sold Out
  • 1x ANGEL DUST - To Dust You Will Decay +5 CD
  • 8x ASCALON - Reflections CD
  • 3x ETERNAL CHAMPION - The Armor of Ire CD
  • 3x HAMMERON - Nothin' To Do Again But Rock CD
  • 3x HAMMERON - Wired For Sound CD
  • 1x LORD VIGO - Under Carpathian Sun CD
  • 5x LORD VIGO - Blackborne Souls CD
  • 8x PAINFUL PRIDE (SWE) - Lost Memories CD