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MISC Thrash CDs

Image of MISC Thrash CDs


Various Thrash metal CDs, mostly re-issues by Displeased Records, Century Media, Season of Mist, AFM, Nuclear Blast, etc.


  • 3x ANNIHILATOR - All For You CD
  • 0x DEATHROW - Satan's Gift CD
    Sold Out
  • 1x HIRAX - Not Dead Yet +1 CD
  • 1x HIRAX - El Rostro De La Muerte CD
  • 3x MENDEED - This War Will Last Forever CD
  • 3x NEVERMORE - The Politics of Ecstasy CD
  • 0x PESTILENCE - Malleus Maleficarum + Demos CD
    Sold Out
  • 0x SACRED REICH - The American Way CD
    Sold Out
  • 2x SACRILEGE - Within the Prophecy CD
  • 0x WATCHTOWER - Energetic Disassembly CD
    Sold Out
  • 0x WHIPLASH - Insult to Injury + Live NY'86 CD
    Sold Out
  • 2x WHIPLASH - Message in Blood CD