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DEMISE - Cursed For Eternity CD

Image of DEMISE - Cursed For Eternity CD


Endless Torment (Demo'89)
1. Declaration of Annihilation
2. Endless Torment
3. Demise
4. Bent Pleasure
5. Blind Leading Blind

Inevitable Exit (Demo'90)
6. Abnormal Reality
7. Devious Deception
8. Inevitable Exit
9. Bent Pleasure

Devious Deception (EP'92)
10. Endless Torment
11. Abnormal Reality
12. Devious Deception

Sadistic Summoning (Demo'94)
13. Sadistic Summoning
14. Cursed For Eternity
15. Malicious Impulses
16. Horrid Domination

Portland, Oregon's own thrash-o-death horde. This is an anthology release featuring all 3 demos and the EP the band have released during their brief, albeit intense existence from 1989 up to 1994.

Remastered from the original DAT tapes, with new artwork and booklet crammed with history.

For fans of Arachnid, Chemical Annihilation, Morbid Saint, Impact


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